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ABCD Camp Report

NYC Rankings and Evaluations

Written By Keith Mason:

Rk Name Statistics

1. Charlie Villanueva 6'9 SF  17.6 pts, 7.9 rbs, 1.3 steals, 51.9 FG% & 34.6 3P%
In my opinion Charlie was the best player at the camp, as he showed the ability to dominate a game from the inside and take defenders off the dribble or hit the three. To my surprise he showed the ability to play great defense as he shut down a couple of the top power forwards in the nation. Charlie also earned All-Star game MVP with a 19 point, 10 rebound performance. Villanueva finished tied for 3rd in the camp in scoring and 9th in rebounding. He came into the camp considered one of the 5 best players in the nation by some, and should leave being considered one of the 5 best by all. 

2. Curtis Stinson 6'2 G           17.6 pts, 3.3 rbs, 2.1 assists, 63.3 FG% & 45.5 3P %
Somehow Curt wasn't ranked among the 70 best players at camp by the HoopScoop despite being tied for 3rd in scoring and having the second highest shooting percentage in the camp, and had the highest shooting percentage of any guard by far. If he had attempted enough 3's he would've ranked among the top 10 in 3p%. In other words Curt had a great camp and definitely raised his stock. He did it the usual way taking it to the rack hard. But he also showed a nice mid range jumpshot and mixed in the occasional 3. Despite not having much flash to his game he can dominate. He was selected to the all-star team and scored 10 points, got 3 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks. in his team's 138-109 victory. 

3. Chris Taft 6'9 PF                10.6 pts, 5 rbs, 57.8 FG%
While Taft's numbers aren't that impressive if you saw him at the camp you know why, he played on a team where his point guard didn't do a good job of getting him the ball. His FG% was good enough to be 8th best at camp but because he didn't get the ball enough he didn't have enough shots to qualify. But he showed the ability to face his man up and drive past him. But his two weak points are still rebounding and shot blocking, as his 5 rebounds per game were only slightly more then shooting guard Louie McCroskey, and his .4 blocks per game is ridiculously low for someone who played center all week. He did make the all-star team and scored 14 points and grabbed 3 rebounds in just 10 minutes of playing time. 

4. Ramel Bradley 6'1 PG       11.9 pts, 2.9 assists, 1.4 steals, 47.4 FG%, 38.1 3P%
Ramel had an excellent camp but wasn't rewarded with an all-star spot.  He was able to break defenses and score on his own, or find the open man. In one of his games I saw he showed the ability to post up, and hit the turn around jumper. After this camp his national ranking should skyrocket. 

5. Karron Clarke 6'6 SG        10.4 pts, 3.4 rbs, 2 assists, 51 FG%, 38.1 3P%
Karron played on a team in which he did not get the ball nearly enough, but he was still very productive and earned a spot in the all-star game. He showed a nice touch from the outside and at times ran the point even with AJ Price on his team. The versatility he showed will only enhance his value to college coaches. 

6. Lamont Hamilton 6'9 C      8.1 pts, 8.5 rbs, 1.8 blks
He started off the camp as one of the best players but tailed off after the first day, but he was still one of the best rebounders and shot blockers at the camp. His play earned him a spot in the all-star game.

7. Dantae Milligan 6'8 SF      9.3 pts, 8 rbs, 1.3 blks  
Unfortunately I did not get the chance to see him play, but from what I see in the stats he had a great camp. He finished top 10 in rebounding and probably deserved to be in the all-star game. He was quouted as saying he couldn't believe how selfish the players were at camp. That is a very true statement, most of the point guards at ABCD don't realize that coaches don't want a 6 foot point guard who shoots first and second. 

8. Sammy Mejia 6'6 SG         7.5 pts, 4.3 rbs, 3.4 assists
While Sammy didn't score nearly as much as he usually does, he had a good all-around camp. At times he even ran the point for his team, and did the same in the all-star game. He finished tied for 10th in the camp in assists.  

9. Tariq Atkins 6'2 SG           11.5 pts, 4 rbs, 52.8 FG%
Tariq was the biggest surprise in my opinion as I didn't even know that he was going to be at camp but he definitely proved that he belonged. He showed a great ability to crash the offensive boards as 3 of his 4 rebounds per game were offensive rebounds. In his best game of the camp he scored 18 points and grabbed 9 rebounds all of which were offensive. 

10. AJ Price 6'0 PG                9.6 pts, 2.5 assists, 1 steal, 57.1 FG%, 53.3 3P%
AJ got off to a slow start but picked it up in his team's final few games. In his first 3 games he averaged around 5 points per game but in his last 5 he averaged just over 12 points per. His 53.3 three point percent was good for third in camp and first among underclassmen, and earned a spot in the underclassmen all-star game. 

11. Daon Merrit 5'8 PG        6.4 pts, 6.1 assists
Daon never really got the scoring touch going as he shot only 25% from behind the arc. But his 6.1 assists was the most in camp, and the highest total in the 3 years that I have been going to ABCD. His pass first mentality at camp earned him an all-star spot, and may get him the high major looks he desires.

12. Sebastian Telfair 6'0 PG 10 pts, 3.5 assists
The player who had the most hype going into the camp, I thought he would come in and dominate just as he did a couple of weeks ago at the Rumble in the Bronx. But he didn't play with the same intensity, he coasted through most of his games, seemingly only playing hard against 6'6 PG Shaun Livingston and 5'11 PG Darius Washington. Many say Darius got the best of him in their long awaited matchup in the regular season. I thought it was even and the stats indicate that it was about even. Sebastian scored 16 points and handed out 6 assists and Darius scored 21 and handed out 4 assists. Assuming that each assist was on a 2 point basket, Sebastian was responsible for 28 points while Darius was responsible for 29 points. Sebastian attempted 10 shots while Darius attempted 9 shots, so its not like Sebastian took an extreme amount of shots. But in the all-star game it was clear who won that matchup, despite scorin 26 points and handing out 5 assists, many left that game dissapointed in Sebastian's performance as he took 27 shots which was more then twice as many as anybody else. Remember that 27 shots came in just 15 minutes of play. On the other side Darius scored 22 points and handed out 3 assists and was 8-12 from the field. Both players got their team MVPs.

13. Oumar Sylla 6'7 SF         8.4 pts, 6.3 rbs
In the game I saw he didn't do much but for the rest of the camp he was productive as he scored and rebounded well. But he did not make the all-star team

14. Louie McCroskey 6'4 SG 6.4 pts, 4.8 rbs, 1 steal, 40 3P%
Louie was frustrated the whole camp. One game in particular I watched his team get about 10 possesions without Lou touching the ball one time. That was a trend throughout the camp, which is the reason for his 6.4 points per game, but his nearly 5 rebounds per game was impressive.

15. Konimba Diarra 6'10 C     4.5 pts, 5.8 rbs, 1.1 blks
Didn't show the ability to score but also didn't get a lot of chances playing along side Charlie Villanueva. But his 5.8 rebounds per game are kind of low for a center. 

16. Victor Fletcher 6'2 PG         5pts, 1.6 rbs, 53 FG%
Through his first two games he didn't even score a point, in fact he didn't even take a shot in his first game. But he picked it up after the first day. He shot a nice percentage but only took just over 4 shots a game. In the game I saw of his, I didn't even notice him, but that could be because he was on the same team as Shaun Livingston and 6'10 C Kendrick Perkins and was playing against Sebastian.  

17. Jamal  Dart 6'1 PG            6.1 pts, 1.8 assists
He held his own at camp, but I'm not sure if he belonged. He had some good moment but overall he didn't play that great.

18. Ed Berrios 5'9 PG             4 pts, 2.5 assists, 55.6 3P%
He basically didn't try to score as he attempted just under 4 shots a game. He did show the ablity to get his teammates involved, but his another player that probably shoul not have been at the camp.

19. Mamadou Diakhate  6'4 SF 2.6 pts, 5.4 rbs
in the game I saw he was a non factor, he couldn't score the whole camp, and shot under 25% from the field. But his 5+ boards per game his very good for a wing player.,