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The Apple's Best Ballaz

Donnie McGrath 6'3 PG JFK Somers

Donnie is another city player that had a great ABCD camp as he made the Senior All-Star game and finished 3rd in the camp in assists. His strength is his jumpshot, if you leave him open you can just count the 3. He does one thing well that most players don't and that is shoot off the dribble. He can shoot off the dribble to his right side, left side or off of a spin move. He is strong enough to take it to the basket on take contact from big men and still finish. A drawback to his offensive game is he doesn't take it to the basket enough. He sometimes becomes one dimensional and sits behind the 3-point line. If he takes it to the basket more and takes more mid-range J's he will be a legit McDonald candidate. He is not a real strong defender, and has trouble guarding quicker players.
2001-02 Season Outlook
Look for Donnie to put up numbers at JFK. This year he was the best player but he had 3 other players who could score but they are all gone, so look for him to take a lot of shots, and make a lot. He is the early favorite of Westchester player of the year and will make a strong push for Mr. Basketball. But don't expect a championship from his team.