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Westchester Report
This is my annual Westchester County Baskeball Report. I do it to give people
who do not know much about westchester county basketball an idea of whos who
and what teams are on top. I will update it from time to time during the
season to let you know whats going on and who is playing well and who is not.
I think sometimes people look past westchester players because they do not
get as much exposure as city kids. Hopefully this will give them a little
more exposure that I feel they do deserve. Thanks for your time and tell me
what you think of it. Feedback would be welcomed. Thank You.
Matt Grasso I.S.


1.Ben gordon Mt.Vernon 6'1'' Combo Guard -- committed to Uconn. Most
valuable player in the county. Led mt. vernon to class "a" state and
federation championship(28-0). He can do it all. He can shoot, score at will,
rebound, defend and is one of the most athletic players in 2001 in the nation
and has unbelievable hops. He played great and was an all star at the ABCD
all american camp. He should lead the county in scoring and should repeat as
mr. basketball in westchester. He will be the best player out of westchester
since elton brand and has a possibilty to be the best of all time.
2.Markus Austin White Plains 6'5'' Wing Forward -- committed to Eastern
Michigan. At 6'5'' he has an advantage over any other wing that tries to
guard him. He has a great shot and will hit it over anyone. He can also
take the ball to the hoop off the dribble. He plays hard all the time and is
the main reason white plains will be one of the top teams in the county and
should contend with mt.vernon for the county championship in class"a". He
attended Eastern invitational this summer and played well. He plays with the
Westchester Rams in the off season. He needs to get a little stronger and
then he will have the complete package.
3.Kyl Jones Pleasentville 6'4'' Wing Forward - -- Schools: Maac conference,
America East, and some A-10. He can play down low with the bigs or beat you
off the dribble on the perimeter and he can also hit the mid range jumper.
Coming off a season where he led Pleasentville to the class " c" sectional
title he is expected to be the most valuable player in class "c". He played
with the Westchester Rams and was one of the leaders on the team this off
season. He is very strong but needs to work on his foot speed and his handle
a little to be effective in college.
4.Bobby Serafin JFK Catholic 6'4'' Wing Forward- -- Schools: Ivy League,
Patriot League and a few low division 1 schools. He transfered into Jfk this
year and is expected to be a leader on the team which made it to the NYS
semifinals in class "B" last season and is expected to go back. He's very
strong and can play down low with anyone in the county and he also has a
sweet touch from the outside and can knock down the big shot. He will not
refrain from taking it through the lane and jamming it on someone. He
attended Eastern Invitational and played well all week. He also played a few
tournaments with the NY Gauchos. He needs to work on his handle but once he
has this he will be unstoppable from all over.
5.Marcus Desir Gorton 6'7'' Power Forward - -- Schools: open. He was the
leader on Gorton and is the reason why they did well last season. He was an
all county player and should be even better this year. He is one of the
biggest players in the county and can dominate anyone down low. He needs to
work on his shot. He is expected to have a big year and should be a division
1 player.
6. Mike Detmer Scarsdale 6'4'' wing forward- -- Schools: Patroit League, Ivy
League.He is one of the best slashers in the county. He is very athletic and
he has good size. He is the main reason why Scarsdale should contend for the
class "a" sectional title with mt vernon and white plains. He can shoot the
three as well. He is a very well rounded player. He plays with the LI Rising
Stars in the off season. He needs to work on his handle.
6.Brian ODonell JFK Catholic 6'4'' Power Forward- -- Schools: Stony Brook,
low D1, D2. One of the leaders of the JFK all star team. He was the leading
scorer on the team last season. He is a true leader and is not scared of
anyone. He is very strong down low and even though he does not have as much
size as other bigmen he always gets the job done. He can also step out and
hit the three, or the mid- range jumper. Needs to work on his handle and
slashing skills to be a division 1 player. He is expected to have a big
season and lead jfk back to glens falls.
7.Jason Bayuk White Plains 6'0'' Point Guard- -- Schools: Patriot League, Ivy
League, America East. He is a very fundamental point guard. He can shoot the
three, penetrate the lane, break the press, and his best aspect of his game
is his passing and playmaking. He has great defense as well. He will join
Markus Austin once again and try and bring White Plains another state title.
He plays with the Connecticut Flame in the off season. He needs to work on
his scoring and shooting to be an effective division 1 player.
8.Santo Provenzano Dobbs Ferry 6'2'' Shooting Guard- -- Schools: low division
1, division 2. He is a pure shooter. He is probably one of the top 3 shooters
in the county. He will look to be one of the top scorers in the county. He is
athletic as well and can take the ball to the hoop. He needs work on his
handle, and playmaking(getting the team involved).
9.Greg Cole Sleepy Hollow 6'4'' Wing Forward- --Schools: D2,D3. Other then
Ben Gordan he is probably the most athletic player in the county. He can
rise and throw it on just about anyone. He is strong and can take it down
low as well. If you sleep he will step out and hit the shot. He needs to work
on his foot speed.
10.James Grey JFK Catholic 6'2'' Shooting Guard- -- Schools: low D1, D2. He
has a big upside because he is very athletic and good finisher. He plays
good defense and is one of the main reasons why JFK was so good last season.
He is the secret option on the team and always hits the big shots. He has
improved his shooting ability and athleticism.He plays with LI Rising Stars
in the off season. He needs to work on his ball handling and strength.


1.Donnie McGrath JFK Catholic 6'3'' Point Guard- --Schools: St Johns, Notre
Dame, Syracuse,Umass, UVA-- - He has a bright future. Behind ben he is the
most talented player in the county. He was the leader of the JFK team last
year and is expected to do big things for JFK this year. He can shoot, break
down defenders off the dribble, play d, and his passing is his best aspect.
He can also throw it on someone if you sleep. He plays with the NY Gauchos
during the offseason and attends many camps. He increased his stock this
summer and is now one of the top 7 players in the city. He needs to get a
little stronger and he will have it all.
2.Jomo Belfour Mt.Vernon 6'1'' Point Guard Schools: Georgetown, Ohio State,
Rutgers.- -- He is the floor general of the mt vernon team. He will look to
lead them back to the state championship. He increased his stock a lot this
summer and got a lot better. He is one of the top 20 players in the city. He
brings a lot to the floor. He can create off the dribble in the lane. He
worked on his shot and will hit it in your face. He also has great defense
and his athleticism improved greatly. He will throw it on someone in the
lane. He played extensivly with Riverside Church and is expected to do big
things this year for mt vernon. He needs to work on his shot and scoring .
3.Rashard Turner Peekskill 5'10'' Point Guard- -- Iona, Hofstra, Marist. - --
He is a very quick penetrating guard. He can shoot the three too. Peekskill
is relying on him to do big things for them this season. He has to pick up
the scoring load left by Tyrone Welch and Neil Pervis. He is very strong
which makes up for his small size. He can defend well too. He played the
entire AAU season with the Westchester Hawks. He did great with them and
raised his stock a lot. He needs to work on his playmaking . Hopefully he
will get a little taller because the height is what he is lacking to be an
effective division 1 player.
4.Rushid Simmons Ossining 6'0'' Point Guard- -- St Johns, Maac.-- He is very
quick left handed point guard. He is going to be the star and leading scorer
on Ossining. He will have to almost double his scoring total but he will be
able to because of his skills. He has improved his shot and has great
quickness and handle. His defense is tight too. He can create as well. Last
season he was more of a playmaker getting about 12 assists because his
brother was the main scorer. This year he wil excite crowds with his
scoring. He plays with Riverside Church in the off season and has been a big
part of their team since he was young. He raised his stock this year and is a
top 20 player in the city as well. He has a bright future. He needs to work
on his shot athleticism.
5.Justice hall Hamilton 6'5'' Power Forward- -- Mid D1.-- He is one of the
strongest players in Westchester. He is once again the main player on the
team which he led to the class " d " state championship team last year. He
has been the star on his team since freshman year and has had an amazing
career and continues it this year. He is very strong under the hoop. He has
good hands and post moves as well. He needs to work on his foot speed, his
jump shot, and he needs to thin out and become more of a versatile player.
If he does this he will be a good down low/ slasher player in college.
6.chris murphy Iona Prep 5'11'' point guard-- Schools: Iona, low D1.-- He is
a very fundamental point guard. He is great at getting everyone involved in
the game. He will be a floor general along with Jim Janacek. He improved
all aspects of his game. He can shoot, has a good handle, and can pass
well.He needs to work on his foot speed. He plays in the off season with the
Long Island Rising Stars.
6.Will Cherry Mt.Vernon 6'0'' Shooting Guard--Schools: Rutgers, Low d1.- He
is a pure shooter. He had a huge game at the county center against
Poughkeepsie. He can shoot well off the pass and dribble. He has a bright
future. He will be a big part of Mt. Vernons success this year.
8.dave ryan Eastchester 6'5'' wing forward- -- mid d1.-- he has great size
for his position. He can shoot the ball well and is a good slasher. He has
good potential and will be a great player in the future. He is one of the
leading scorers in the county and will be one of the top players in the "c"
league. He needs to get stronger and work on his handle. He plays in the off
season with the LI Rising Stars
9.Randy Brunson Mt.Vernon 6'2'' Combo Guard- -- D2.-- He will be a good
contributer to the mt vernon all star team. He is a good slasher and can get
to the hoop well. He has a good handle and played well in the offseason with
Riverside churchs b team. He needs to work on his shot and strength.
9.Brain Scordato Greely 6'4'' Wing Forward- -- D2, D3.-- Great size for his
position. He has a good upside. He needs to work on his shot and finishing.
He can get into the lane well though.
10.Rashad Bilal Woodlands 6'1'' Shooting Guard- -- D2, D3.-- He is a good
shooter. He needs to work on his game but if he does he will be very good. He
should be the top player on Woodlands this year. He needs to work on his
strength, decision making, and handle.

1. Ben Gordon
2. Donnie mcgrath
3. Markus austin
4. Kyl Jones
5. Jomo belfour
6. Bobby Serafin
7. Marcus Desir
8. Mike Detmer
9. Brian ODonell
10.Rashard Turner
11.Rushid Simmons
12.Justice Hall
13.Jason Bayuk
14.Santo provenzano
15.Greg cole

1)a) Mt. Vernon
1)b)JFK Catholic (somers)
2. White Plains
4.Iona Prep

Mt. Vernon-  They have lost their two leading rebounders (Greg Jenkins and John Plenty) but they still have Mr. Basketball candidate Ben Gordon and junior Jomo Belfor.  Both of these players should dominate play in their league.  But in order for this team to return to the state championship game they will need Will Cherry, Bryan Browne and Randy Brunson to step up.  Browne is the most crucial player of these three in my opinion because his play at the point off of the bench will be crucial.  This team will need Cherry to be the 3rd scorer, and they will look for Brunson to score at times but also grab rebounds.  
JFK Catholic-  This team is led by possibly the most talented player in westchester, Donnie McGrath.  McGrath was an all-county player last year as a junior with his 15 points and 7 assists a game.  This years team is almost identical to last years that only lost 1 game, except for the edition of 6'4 wing man Bobby Serafin.  With him and Brian O'donnell dominating the glass and inside scoring this team will be unbeatable in their league.  Their biggest test of the season comes very early as they play Rice in December and if they win that game they will play Oak Hill Academy the consensue #1 team in america.  

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