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Saiqoun Stone 6'4 G/SF
Many people question how good he really is because of his sub par IS8 in the Winter and is decent performance in March in the Team Roc 8th grade all-star game. But if you so him againt the Tim Thomas Playaz there is no doubt that you think he will be a star at the highest level of basketball. Most players at 6'4 in the 8th grade are uncoordinated big men. But Saiqoun is as coordinated as you can get, and he can run the point. If you leave him open he will hit the 3 time and time again, if he you play him tight he will hit with a sick cross and then drop a pretty dime, or finish it himself. Saiqoun can also "D" it up, he can guard at any position on the court, as well as grab boards and block shots. Next year he will attend Xaverian, and will play either JV or Freshman, and dominate. Personally I feel he can play varsity next year but coach Jack Alesi does not believe in that. So it will take him an extra year before all of America knows his name.