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   Redstorm Hoops
Site is dedicated to St. John's basketball, gives info on recruits and St. John's games.
   PSAL Hoops
Has almost all of the PSAL schedule and has history of many of the PSAL teams.
   Big Apple Sports
Keeps you up to date with what is going on with New York City players that have left the city to go play Junior College basketball.
   Brooklyn USA
The official website of the Brooklyn USA basketball team.  Gives updates on the team and when events involving them are coming up.  
   Real Scout Basketball
Another New York City site with good rankings, tv pictures and great reports of tournaments around the city and the country as well as news that nobody else has.
National recruiting site, with a special Florida section.  The official webiste of team Breakdown.  Site still in the works, but looks like it will be an excellent site.
   My Sports Guru
Not a recruiting site, but gives the tips (excellent easy to follow tips) to get better at your sport, regardless of which sport you play.  
   Fox Sports
This is the best national site for high school basketball.  Shows best recruits in each of the 50 states.  Also ranks teams nationally and by region.
   Basketball Phenoms
This is on of the best national site for high school and is the best for elementary basketball.  Also ranks college, JUCO and NBA players.  Offers plenty of  links.
Give national rankings for seniors and juniors, gives game and tournament reports as well  as player and coaches diaries.  Great site but no links.
   Prep Hoops
Has national rankings for all high school classes and 8th grade and has NY and DC rankings.
   NYC Exposure
This site gives rankings for each high school class. Also tells you about players you havrn't heard of  but might hear about in the near future.  Many links.
   NYC & NJ High Hoops
Great site has very in depth reports on teams, great reports of games outside of NY and NJ  involving teams in the area. Also have good profiles on players.  Best local site!
   NYC Player Site
Has the best coverage of the CHSAA B division and only deals with the CHSAA
   UNC Basketball
Has greeat coverage of the ABCD camp, has interviews and pictures of players at the camp.
Has coverage on all sports and has information on high school sports.

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