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Top 20- updated 3/28

1. St. Raymond- Won back to back CHSAA championships, and won their second state championship with a 62-49 win over previously undefeated Schenectady. Julius Hodge was named Mr. Basketball, while Allan Ray won MVP for CHSAA playoffs and Chris McRae was named the MVP for the Federation Tournament.
2. Grady- After easily defeating Robeson they fell to Schenectady by just 3 points despite facing a heavy disadvantage with 6,500 fans going against them. Mike Clarke was named MVP of the PSAL championship.
3. St. Mary- Ended their season with a 3 point loss to state champion St. Raymond, which was their first loss on the court.
4. Amittyville- Returned to the Federation B championship game but this time with St. Mary being in the A division they were able to easily defeat PSAL B champ Benjamin Banneker 91-73. Jason Fraser was named the MVP.
5. Molloy- Fell to St. Raymond in the CHSAA championship in double overtime.
6. Robeson- After beating Lincoln in the semifinals they were unable to get past Grady in the championship.
7. Hempstead- Defeated Mt. Vernon but were unable to beat the #1 public in the state as they fell to Schenectady 69-45.
8. All Hallows- Could not win rematch with Molloy, but have big hopes to get the crown next year.
9. Mt. Vernon- Season ended with a loss to Hempstead, should have an excellent team next year with only 1 major player moving on, but that player is Ben Gordon.
10. St. Dominic- Despite loss to St. Mary they still had a great year.
11. Xaverian- Was unable to beat St. Ray's in the CHSAA semifinals despite 19 points from talented sophomore Chris Taft.
12. Holy Cross- Fell to Molloy in the CHSAA semifinals.
13. Bishop Loughlin- Fell to Xaverian in CHSAA quarterfinals.
14. Christ the King- Nearly pulled out win against eventual state champion St. Raymond but couldn't hold on. Next year they will be one of the favorites in a very deep CHSAA.
15. Lincoln- Failed to beat Robeson in hopes of returning to the Garden. If all of their players are academically eligible they will be very tough in the PSAL.
16. Banneker- PSAL B champion but could not bring home the Federation as they lost to Amittyville 91-73 in the championship. Just imagine if this team would've had talented Sophomore Karron Clarke.
17. Nyack- Lost to eventual champs Amittyville.
18. Rice- Was an up and down team all year, at times looked like a top 10 team nationally and at other times they looked like they weren't top 10 in the CHSAA. Next year they will be a preseason top 5 team in the nation, and my early pick to win the State Championship.
19. Clinton- After upsetting #3 seed Boys & Girls and #6 seed FDA the clock struck 12 on this "Cinderella" with a very loud thud as they got hammered by Grady 81-48.
20. Boys & Girls- Had hopes of a championship ended with a loss to Clinton.
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