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Julius Hodge
Julius Hodge had a great summer playing for the New York Ravens, Dave Telep has said that the summer he had was the best in recent memory.  Hodge has improved his all-around offensive game and is now able to, handle and pass like a point guard, and dominate the offensive boards.  With his improved handle and toughness he is able to get to the basket and take the punishment inside.  He has one of the top 5 jumpshots in the city, which make him even tougher to guard.  With all of the offensive skills he has he often gets beat off the dribble on defense.  He needs to slide his feet better in order to keep speedy point guards in front of him, since that is the position he wants to play in college.  But being a 6'6 guard allows him to block a lot of shots on the perimeter.
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