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Khary Moore Interview
Bishop Ford High School
AB: How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
KM: Im 6'3 165
AB: When and where were you born?
KM: 8/27/84, In Brooklyn
AB: What hand do you shoot with?
KM: Right
AB: Do you tend to go that way too much?
KM: Not really I try to use both of My hands
AB: What do you think is the best part of your game? And what do you need to work on?
KM: I need to work On defense and strength
AB: Whats the best part?
KM: My mid range jumpshot and drive to the basket, but my three point shooting is improving.
AB: What's tougher AAU or high school? Why?
KM: Both are tough but School is pretty hard because you have more a stake. AAU ball is tough to because you play against lots of good competition
AB: So you think its about equal?
KM: School basketball has a little advantage
AB: You've just joined the Gauchos 16u team, how do you like the team so far?
KM: I like the program its hard work but Im up for the challenge. I still have to work hard so I can try to make the A team
AB: Are their any tournaments you are looking forward to playing in this summer?
KM: With my school Im playing in the Hofstra team camp and Metro Classic. I want to play in UDC and Tillary Park. I also might be playing in Stephon Marbury tourney
AB: What Camp(s) are you going to go to this summer?
KM: I am going the Eastern Invitational and Maybe Five Star
AB: Which sessions?
KM: For eastern Session 2 Im not sure yet about Five star
AB: How good do you think your school will be next year? Do you think you guys can win the CHSAA B division championship?
KM: I think My school's gonna be very good Next year. Were going to be a young team but the 2 seniors there Rob Legister and Mark Reily are going to Get us ready. Yeah I think we will be a contender to When the championship
AB: Do you think its hard to get recognized at a B division school since the A division with teams like Rice, Christ the King, Molloy etc. get all the attention?
KM: Yeah its very hard you have to really stand out and play with a good AAU team and do good at camps to Be recoginized.
AB: What is your most memorable game individually wise and team wise?
KM: There was one game individual wise against St.Johns Prep when I scored once the first half and in the second half I scored 20 but we lost that one
AB: Any memorable team game?
KM: Another one was with St.Vincent which had Isaiah Davis on it. We were in the championship against St.Marys and I hit 6 three's but in that league they didnt count three pointers. It was a special game to me because we won the Championship for the BCBA league
AB: So thats your most memorable team game?
KM: Yeah more memorable than the Individual Game
AB: What games are you looking forward to next year with your school?
KM: Im looking foward to scrimmaging Brooklyn Tech, and playing our rivals Xaverian and the defending champions Xavier and also St.Edmunds. I do not know what non league games we will be playing next year
AB: Last question, what is your average in school?
KM: Last marking period I had an 81 average. I raised it 10 points and this quarter I will be higher than the last one