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Sleeper Report-updated 4/2

   Jermaine Miller 6'6 G/F FDA-  From what I hear he can do it all play the point hit the outside shot, but doesn't really play AAU ball so I haven't seen him play.  But I will make sure to see him play this season at FDA.
   Chris Alesi 6'0 PG Xaverian- Can hit the outside shot with consistency, also runs the point vary well and he plays tough.
   Bobby Mays 5'9 PG Tilden- He has an excellent outside shot and he knows how to run the point.  He should have a breakout season with Tilden this year.
   Mark Hill 6'2 PG Longwood- May not get a lot of recognition because he plays in Long Island.  Hill can shoot, pass and is a solid defender.  At 6'2 he is a good sized point guard.
   Andrew Jarvis 6'4 PF St. Raymond- Nobody knows who he is right now but by the time the season is over don't be surprised if he has a scholarship offer.  He is very strong, good rebounder and can jump.
   Anwar Baptiste 6'4 PF St. Raymond- Is very strong and has a nice outside touch but needs to improve his foot speed.
   Charles Bullock 5'10 PG Nazareth- He is going to start and will shine at Nazareth.  He is very strong and can flat out score.  He can be a playmaker if he wants to but he'd much rather score.
   Lamont Hamilton 6'6 PF Bishop Ford-  He is a big man who can shoot the ball from the outside and scored down low, he has a huge up side.  He also has great hands.
   Hasani Stewart 5'10 PG Coalition- He is a great shooter from the outside , he has a nice handle and is one of the best man to man defensive pg in the PSAL B division. Hasani average 12 ppg 7ast and 3 stl . He's the only sophmore pg in our division that started every game.
   Kevin Draughorn 5'8 PG Trevor Day- Kevin has a great sense for the game, he runs the point beautifully and has a great jumpshot.  He comes from a baskteball family with his father coaching at Our Savior Lutheran and his little brother is a top 50 rising 8th grader in the city by Gameball.
   Idiongo Okurro 6'5 SF All Hallows- Idi is very athletic he dunks easily and is a good rebounder.
   Kaimondre Owes 6'1 PG Cardinal Hayes- Had a terrific season for Hayes freshman team.  He averaged 17points and 7 rebounds a game this past season.  Will play varsity next year and will be a great backup point guard for hayes.  He is a great set shooter, but needs to improve ball handling and being able to shoot of the dribble.
   Bernard Tyndall 6'1 PG/SG Francis Lewis- He is a very good scorer and has a good jumpshot.
   Jack Fulcher- 6'2 PF St. John's Prep- He is very strong in the post and gets a lot o frebounds, but he misses too many layups and needs to develop a better perimeter game, if he does thes things he will be very good.
   Harvey Bell 6'2 PF LaSalle- Bell is strong, can shoot out to 10 feet, but is not athletic. If he develops more range on his jumpshot he could be a very good player for LaSalle.
   Willis Ketrell 5'11 PG Molloy- Ketrell has an awkward form on his jumpshot but he can knock down the 3. Ketrell is also a solid ball handler.