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Isaiah Davis Interview
Isaiah is the starting point guard at Brooklyn Tech and starts for the 16u Gauchos team.

KM: How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
ID: I am 5' 9" and I weigh 145
KM: What hand do you shoot with
ID: right
KM: do you feel when you dribble you go right too much?
ID: no I feel I go left too much
KM: have you been trying to change that?
ID: yes
KM: What do you think is tougher AAU or High School ball? Why?
ID: AAU is more competitive because these are all the best ball players at the high school level playing on one team
KM: How do you think the spring season was for your team and for yourself?
ID: I did alright averaging 10 points a game and my team struggled because of my lacking ability to take over sometimes
KM: Have you been trying to get more agressive lately?
ID: yes, playing with older men gets you to become more aggressive and eager
KM: What player have you played against do you most want to play with?
ID: Ferard Ensley
KM: Is he the best player you have played against?
ID: In my opinion yes, because he does more than just scoring for his team, he plays defense and he distributes.  I think he is one of the best pg for sophmores
KM: What tournament are you most looking forward to this summer?
ID: [The nationals, because] that is the best tournament with the most competition, the nationals [are] my dream.  If we win I will be so excited
KM: What's your most memorable game team wise and indvidually wise?
ID: Most memorable game team wise was back in 97 with Broooklyn USA against Riverside in Ohio individually was in eigth grade when I scored 41 against Hudde
KM: What [made the game] memorable?
ID: Everyone from riverside was there and we were the underdogs. We played so hard. The scoring came from Darren Sykes, Olabode [Olukanni] and I. Riverside was bragging before the game because they beat us the day  before we ended up winning because of two free throws I made at the end with 3 seconds. Olabode was MVP.
KM: How good do you think your school will be next year?
ID: I think we will do very well, we are smart and talented.
KM: Are you looking forward to any games next year?
ID: Yes one scrimmage against Bishop Ford and Midwood
KM: Do you think since you play for a school known more for academics than basketball is it hard to get recognition?
ID: I think that if you are good you will get recognized no matter what. Being in a school more for academics is a double plus
KM: What camp(s) are you going to this summer?
ID: Eastern
KM: which session?
ID: Late Aug not sure of date and also the backcourt camp
KM: What schools are sending you letters?
ID: Seton Hall, East Carolina and some D2 schools
KM: Do you have an early list?
ID: Syracuse, North Carolina, UCLA and DePaul
KM: What's your average in school?
ID: I have an 80 average

This Interview was conducted on June 23rd
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