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Shagari Alleyne Interview
Shagari will be the starting center next year at Rice and he currently plays for the New York Ravens 17u team.
KM: How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
SA: I'm 7 foot 2 inches tall and I weigh 230 lbs.
KM: What is your birthdate?
SA: 1/14/84
KM: What hand do you shoot with?
SA: I shoot with my right hand
KM: Do you always shoot with your right hand around the basket?
SA: I shoot with either hand around the basket
KM: What is your favorite shot to take?
SA: The jump hook
KM: What do you think is tougher AAU or High School ball? Why?
SA: A.A.U ball in my opinion is much tougher than high school ball because the best players from around the city are on one team.
KM: How did your AAU team do this Spring?
SA: We did pretty well it seems like every tournament we were in we lost in the championship.
KM: What player have you played against do you most want to play with?
SA: Kenny Adeleke
KM: Why?
SA: He is the best fundamental forward/center i've seen in a while
SA: Who would you like to play against in the future? (This is Shagari's own question that he felt contained information that is important to the viewers.)
SA: I would like to play against 7 foot Tyson Chandler from Dominguez High school I California I hear he's real good and I hear he's real good and i want to see how good he really is.  He might even go to the N.B.A out of high school
KM: Speaking of which, would you consider doing that?
SA: No I would spend at least 2-3 years in college first then test the waters by then I will be at the peak of my game and fully developed.
KM: What tournament(s) are you looking forward to the most this summer?
SA: The Big Time tourney in Las vegas and the A.A.U Nationals in Orlando Florida
KM: What's your most memorable game individual wise and team wise?
SA: My most memorable game team wise was when Rice beat Bishop Loughlin in the semifinals of the C.H.S.A.A Playoffs.  My most memorable game individual wise was when I had 26 on Riverside Church last year in Nike Riverside
KM: How good do you think your school will be next year?
SA: I think we will be real good next year we have a lot of talent coming in .  I also think we will recapture the crown
KM: What games are you looking forward to?
SA: I am looking forward to playing St. Rays and Dominguez in California who has the 7 footer Tyson Chandler
KM: What do you think is the key to Rice being succesful next year?
SA: The key to Rice being successful is summed up in two words:  hardwork and teamwork, and one more word attitude
KM: Do you feel any single player playing well will be most important to the teams success?
SA: No because there's no I in team and no one player can do it by themselves it takes a team to win.
KM: What camp(s) are you going to this summer?
SA: as of now i am not sure
KM: What schools are sending you letters?
SA: Clemson, Cincinatti, Seton Hall, St. Johns, Iowa State, Florida State, Uconn, Georgetown
KM: Do you have an early list?
SA: Temple, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky
KM: What is your average in school?
SA: 78.3
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This interview was conducted on 6/25