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Kyl Jones
Profile Provided by John Micheals
Kyl is the second best player in Westchester County, after the obvious first choice of Ben Gordon. He is a solid 6'3", 225 lbs. a PF who switched to SG/SF this past school year after discovering his sweet outside shot. With his height and weight he can still really move, he routinely make defenders trip over themselves with his crossover and with his size, still defenders on the blocks have to make room when he drives or they will get mowed over. His bull-like physique is deceptive because he is one of the smoothest players in the area. He averaged 25 ppg this past season, people think of him as a scorer but when this kid creates plays with his passes it is uncanny, this shows in his 5apg. He plays good man-to-man defense and his jumping ability along with his strength is what allows him to play with the larger SG/SF in AAU and what will allow him to still be a strong player in college.
Future: Most of his offers have come from small D1 schools, the biggest school he has spoken with has been UMass. Schools are turned off by his height, many believe if he gets a full season in with any D1 program his stock will rise greatly, after they see he can have an impact with the taller SF's, and he could change to a larger program.
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