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August News

Roscoe Biggers has changed his mind, he will not attend Kent (CT) instead he will attend Emmanuel Accademy in Durham, North Carolina.  He made the transfer public at the Five-Star Basketball Camp.
Tomorrow at 9pm will be hosting a chat I will be present logged in under my name to answer all of your questions about the City ballers and the upcoming season.
I am currently looking for Long Island correspondents to keep me up with what is going on, on the Island.  I'm looking for a person or people that are un-biased in their opinions about the players and teams in LI.  If you choose to be a correspondent, I hope you will provide with as many game results and statistics as possible.
Along with updating my rankings after Roundball I will post my preseason Top 15 teams, and my predictiong for the city playoffs, All-Site, All-CHSAA, All-PSAL and my Westchester County, Long Island and Private Schools teams.  I want viewers to e-mail me their pre-season team rankings and all-site teams which consists of Westchester County, Long Island and obviously New York City.  I would also appreciate if the viewers of the site would send their CHSAA, PSAL and Westchester, Long Island and Private Schools (all are combined).  Please only send your first teams (not second or third teams).  After I get 75 emails or by October 1st I will post the viewers team rankings and the All-Site, CHSAA etc. teams.  Please send me YOUR SELECTIONS.
Current Westchester Hawks 16u coach Anthony Nicodemo has been given an Assistant Coach job at division 3 Plymouth State College.  I would like to wish Coach Nicodemo the best of luck at his new position.
I will update all rankings after the Gaucho Roundball Classic which will take place the first weekend of September.
Coach Gary Decesare told me today that Daon Merritt will be attending St. Raymond High School in September.
Dave Telep has a list of home visits for Julius Hodge.
Clark Francis has made is post summer top 100 senior rankings.  3 players from this sites region have been ranked, Julius Hodge #4, Ben Gordon #57 and Chris McRae #62.  Shockingly Kwame Brown who most recruiting experts consider a top 5 prospect has been listed at #54 by Francis.  Full top 100
The New York Ravens win their second tourney of the AAU season with a 60-52 win over the NJ Roadrunners who had Frederic Kababusi who played with St. Raymond a couple of years ago.  Alan Ray was the teams leading with 19 and Julius Hodge added 18 but 16 of those points came in the second half.  Hodge, Ray and Chris McRae were all named to the All-Tournament team with Hodge being the MVP.  Hodge has made the All-Tournament team in every tourney he has played in or has been an All-Star at ABCD.  Hodge even won the MVP at a tourney the involved the "Holy Trinity" and players like Eric King Ben Gordon and Ben Gordon.
I spoke to two people inside of the Riverside organization one was the head man Ernie Lorch and he told me there is no truth to the rumor that Riverside is buying Gauchos gym.  He did say that if anyone would be buying the gym it would be Hostos Community College since their school is right there and they do not have a gym of their own.  I also spoke to Riverside coach "JR" he told me that all year long it was misprinted that Tyrell Biggs was in 8th grade and that he was actually in 7th grade this year.  If anyone who knows Tyrell and was confused or upset by what I put on the site I apologize.  The email sent to me by Emilo Rosado should still be looked at seriously because its not like no Riverside player has ever been left back or had to go to Prep School.  This is also true for almost every other AAU program in the city so to AAU programs remember that your players are students first and try to keep up with their grades.
I spoke to Mitch Duren, Lashard Duren's father and he gave me a long list of schools that are interested in his son.  I will name a few, Hofstra, American University, Central Connecticut St. and he also said Syracuse asked about him at the Adidas Big Time.  Lashard had a great game today at UDC with 33 points.
I got this e-mail a couple of days ago regarding Tyrell Biggs being left back and I felt that this person brought up a great point so here it is:
From Emilo Rosad- I am deeply sorry to hear that Biggs has to repeat the 8th grade. And I ask this question where was everybody or anybody? I've seen him play in various tournaments and see how he is being promoted, but did anypne see the red flags? Who's checking his schoolwork? I don't see why he should be repeating the 8th grade. My God! 8thgrade is about fundamentals. If he was falling behind, he should not have been Playing,Hello!, this is a young man's life we are dealing with here.I thought Riverside was more responsible than that. Because of his size and high profile he may encounter some difficulties repeating the grade. I hope someone is there to assist him and set some priorities, he WILL have to enter the work world one day soon. As a coach, counselor and the father of a ballplayer myself I am beside myself how some people are treating our youth. They are not prize cattle, and are being overexposed too young. Where's he fun in the game? Rankings are on the lips of a lot of our young kids and they mean nothing at this age. We need to get a grip of this situation now or we stand to lose a lot of our youth to a misguided dream. Enough said.

Today Ben Gordon announced that he will attend the University of Connecticut.  I was told yesterday by Dwayne Murray that Ben was sold on the school after he spent 5 hours at the school over the weekend.  Ben should start from the beginning, him and Taliek Brown will be a great scoring backcourt for the next couple of years.  Ben was previously considering Duke, UNC and Seton Hall but Duke dropped out when they signed Daniel Ewing and Ben realized UNC had too many guards.  So in all actuality he was down to two choices UCONN and Seton Hall and the Huskies got the good news, sorry Tommy Amaker.
I have decided not include Seniors that are in prep school for a 5th or 6th year.  For one reason they shouldnt be ranked with players that are 2 or 3 years older than them.  Before I start getting emails about other players being 2 years older than people in their class the other reason is it is too hard to keep up with the progress of a player that I can't see for a whole school year.  I will keep prep schoolers that are underclassmen except for Roscoe Biggers.  The reason I am keeping the underclassmen is because there are a lot less of them in prep school and it's less phone calls to make to find out how a player is doing.  
I learned that Tyrell Biggs has been held back and will repeat the 8th grade.  Here are my new 9th grade rankings.  12th grade, 11th grade, 10th grade
Tomorrow at 4pm Ben Gordon will hold a press conference announcing what college he will attend.  
UDC Report for the weekend are up.