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The Apple's Best Ballaz

Keydren "Kiki" Clark 5'9 PG/SG Rice

Written By Keith Mason

He is hands down the best shooter in the CHSAA. He's on of those players that when he misses an open jumper your surprised. His extends to the NBA 3-piot line. Although the best part of his game is his jumper  it is definitely not the only positive part of his game. He is not a player you can put pressure on and expect him to panic, instead if your not careful he may send the defender sliding around the court. He is a pretty good passer which will allow to play the point at the next level. Despite being only 5'9 and not being all that he is a great finisher, usually when he gets to the basket he is either scoring or getting fouled or both. This year he is attempting to lead Rice to their 3rd title in 5years but the first for anybody currently on the team. avoid sat 120x60 Stockback Blue Future 120x60