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The Apple's Best Ballaz
Rashard Turner 5'9 PG Peekskill

Written By Matt Grasso

Rashard is one of the toughest players in Westchester County. At this point, he is still open in his recruiting process, but he has received some division 1 scholarship offers. Rashard is very quick and he uses his body effectively. He loves to put it on the floor and slash to the basket. His favorite shot is the three pointer from the corner. He is a fairly consistent shooter from behind the arc, but he can be streaky at times. When he is feeling it, watch out. Everyone in Westchester knows about his ability to go on a tear and score a bunch of points in a short period of time. He is very comfortable playing the city style of basketball unlike some players from upstate. Rashard learned how to play the sport of basketball down at Dyckman in New York City. He can finish when hit by much bigger guys. He might be small in stature at 5'9'', but Rashard makes up for it with his heart and determination. Rashard is a very pesky defender and he always stays in front of his man. His height might hurt him at the next level, but he will be a good addition to a mid major division one school. avoid sat 120x60 Stockback Blue Future 120x60

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