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The Apple's Best Ballaz
Rumble in the Bronx 2002
Player Evaluations
- By Keith Mason

17 & Under
Daon Merritt 5'8 PG, New York Ravens- Merritt played pretty well this weekend despite his jump shot not dropping. He got to the basket and finished very well, and in this tournament he passed better then I've ever seen him pass. He also displayed a much improved handle. Like many New York players when the game is on the line he wants the ball, and knows what to do with it. But his major weakness this weekend, was free throw shooting. In the team's final game he missed too many free throws for a point guard, something he'll need to work on before he gets to college.
Curtis Stinson 6'2 PG, New York Ravens- Stinson shot much more then I've ever seen him shoot before. The last two summers he looked for his teammates and shot when it presented itself. Stinson has developed a reliable jump shot out to the 3 point line. As usual he took it to the basket strong, but he also got himself in trouble a lot by over penetrating when nothing was there. He didn't play defense as well as he usually does, namely against the CAS Warriors and the Tallahassee Wildcats.  But Stinson got the job done on the offensive end, dropping in 20 in every game the Ravens played.
Lou McCroskey 6'4 SF, New York Ravens- Lou had a solid tournament, showed off a great handle and ability to finish around the basket. He didn't shoot the ball well, which isn't a big surprise, he'll need to work on the J so he can get the looks he deserves. He also shot very poorly from the line, which was the theme for the Raven team. He rebounded the ball well for the undersized Raven team.
Gary Forbes 6'5 SG, Riverside Church-This weekend was Forbes' coming out party on the national scene. He can do it all, handle the rock, hit the 3, finish at the basket, rebound the ball very a well and play lock down defense. He is a legit 2 guard at the next level, because of his skills and strength. He is also a very consistent player, he played well in every game, despite Riverside dominating everybody. He kept the team in the game in the first half against the Panthers before they took over. And he was a big reason for Riverside blowing Team Breakdown away in the second half.
Gary Ervin 5'10 PG, Riverside Church- Gary showed off what everyone knows he has, the jumper, handle, strength, the ability to finish with big men on him, and his tight D. But what he showed me that I hadn't really seen before was his ability to make the pin point pass. In the team's first playoff game his passes were off but against the Panthers and Team Breakdown he looked like a true New York City point guard. Ervin showed off his great athleticism by finishing over big men. His incredible quickness was too much for every team he matched up against this weekend.
Quincy Douby 6'3 SG, Riverside Church- Douby shot the lights out as usual from all over the court. He also  displayed his athleticism when he got in the open court. He handles the ball pretty well but he didn't take it to the basket enough. He didn't show the ability to grab boards, and he lacks defensive intensity. These are both areas he can improve, and if he does skies the limit for him.
Chris Taft 6'10 C, Juice All-Stars- Chris is an excellent offensive rebounder, so if a shot is missed and he's near it watch your head, because he is going to make you look bad if you go for that rebound. He is very mobile, and can take other big men off the dribble. He made some nice moves around the basket and finished with both hands. He needs to work on his shot blocking and his defensive rebounding.
Ramel Bradley 6'1 PG, Juice All-Stars- He tends to get overshadowed playing in the same backcourt as Sebastian, but he is a very good player. He can shoot it, and he has a sick handle. What he showed me this weekend, was athleticism, and the ability to make the pinpoint pass. Before this weekend I did not know he could dunk, and he showed he does that with ease. He traps the ball very well, and plays with a lot of intensity on the defensive end. 
Karron Clarke 6'6 SG, Juice All-Stars- Karron's weekend ended early, as he was unable to play on Sunday, because he had to go to the hospital. But in the games he played, he gave Juice a lot of energy. Karron is very athletic, and has exceptional skills for a player his height. He is ready to play on the next level at the guard spot. He hit 3's, got to the basket, dunked, rebounded. He showed a lot of skills, and it may have been a different game if Karron would have played against Team Breakdown.

Darius Washington 6'0 PG, Tallahassee Wildcats- We didn't get to see him matchup against Sebastian, but I saw enough of him to know that Sebastian has a equal in the 2004 class, yes, the kid is that real. In his first playoff game, he went up against the Ravens, and it was clear he was the best player on the court, as he poured in 34, and it didn't even look like he played his best. He is extremely quick, and has great fundamentals which allows him to turn the corner better then most. He prefers to take it to the basket but he does have a reliable jumper that he will knock down if you give it to him. He is also an excellent free throw shooter. You can bet everything that you, that he and Sebastian will be in the same pool at ABCD Camp, and that promises to be the most exciting game of camp.
Emmanuel Quezada 6'2 PG, CAS Warriors
- He made a statement right away playing against the Ravens on Friday night by dropping in 21. He showed the ability to get the basket with ease and finish with either hand. He doesn't have a flashy handle, but he has a good enough handle that he doesn't get ripped. He also displayed a nice stroke at the 3-point line.

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