The Apple's Best Ballaz

Chris Taft 6'9 C Xaverian

Chris continued to play great at the ABCD camp, and showed that he is without a doubt one of the top 25 players in the class of 2003. He pretty much scores at will once he gets the ball down low. He has a very nice hook shot with the right hand. He can step out to 15 feet and hit the shot consistently. But for some reason he is not a very good free throw shooter. Another thing he needs to work on is his rebounding. While he is a decent rebounder he should be much better for his size and talent.. He is an average shot blocker but should get better, as his timing improves. Because of his long arms he has the potential to be a great shot blocker. When he is giving you buckets, you will know about it because he is one of the best trash talkers in the city. 
2001-02 Season Outlook
Look for him to have a big year, since he has a year of varsity ball under his belt. He should be the featured scorer on the team. Unlike summer ball he will be the tallest person every time he steps on the court except against Rice. He is a lock to be CHSAA first team and should challenge for player of the year honors. He will also get consideration for the Daily News team.