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The Apple's Best Ballaz
ABCD Camp Report

    In one pool was Raymond Felton, Anthony Roberson, Sean Dockery, Allan Ray,  Sebastian Telfair and Elijah Ingram, so all of these players played against each other. Here are some of the matchups I saw and what I think the results were: Anthony Roberson vs. Allan Ray- This was a pretty even match up with Ray scoring 22 and Roberson scoring 21, but Roberson grabbed 8 rebounds to Ray's 4 and handed out 4 dimes while Ray didn't record an assist. Ray however shot a much better percentage as he was 8-12 while Roberson was 7-16. When Allan Ray and Sean Dockery met up, neither guarded each other instead Curtis Stinson guarded Dockery and thoroughly out played him holding Dockery to just 6 points and 2 assists. While Stinson scored 12 and handed 6 dimes despite 6 turnovers. Turnovers were Stinson's only problem while I was at the camp he was averaging as many turnovers as he was assists, at 3.8, the assist total was good enough to be tied for 5th at the camp. 
    The biggest surprise of the camp to me was how dominant Sebastian Telfair was. He clearly outplayed Sean Dockery, Elijah Ingram and Anthony Roberson, the only person who got him was Raymond Felton and it wasn't by much. Telfair scored 22 points and handed out 3 assists against Dockery while he only had 14 points and 3 assists. Against Roberson he scored 22 and had 6 dimes while Roberson had 18 and 4. In his match up against Ingram he scored 19 points and had 5 assists while Ingram scored 11 and handed out no assists. And in the game against Felton, Felton scored 21 and had 2 assists while Sebastian could only score 7 points but handed out 6 assists. But if you watched the game you saw that Sebastian had the ability to make Felton look silly at times with his sick handle.
    Other players who were expected to be impressive and were, were  Chris Taft, Charlie Villanueva, Francisco Garcia, Lenny Cooke  Donnie McGrath. Taft and McGrath were on the same team and both had outstanding camps. Taft got off to a slow start with just 4 points in his first game but then in his next game it was a totally different story. He dominated scoring 23 points and grabbing 8 rebounds and shot an amazing 11-12. At the time I left Chris was averaging 12 points, 6 boards and 2 blocks a game, while shooting nearly 58% from the field. McGrath started the camp on fire and never really slowed down. After his first two games he had gone 6 out of 7 from 3 but the score keeper messed up on the points and gave McGrath only 2 points on two of his 3 pointers. So instead he was listed as 4 for 4, because they didn't count another 3 he shot. Anyway Donnie took it to the basket much better then he usually does, which opened up his entire game. McGrath averaged 13 points, 3 assists and shot 60% from 3 and 58% from the field.
    Lenny Cooke was the best player at the camp for the time I was there as he showed he can do it all, he silenced critics who say he can't shoot, the last time I checked when you shoot 64% from 3 it means you can shot. Francisco Garcia was up and down but in the games he was up he was very good. Garcia matched up with Charlie Villanueva and outplayed him. As he scored 17 points to Charlie's 12 and both grabbed 5 boards, but Garcia showed a better outside shot, as he it 3 out of 4 3's while Villanueva was 0-2. Francisco averaged 11 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists a game. Charlie also played very well at the camp, as he never scored less then 10 points while averaging a little less then 14 points per, while grabbing 5 boards and shooting 56% from the field.
    There were a couple of disappointing players like Curtis Sumpter and Jason Fraser. Sumpter did play good but not as good as I expected him to.  Sumpter had good numbers with 10.5 points per game, 4 boards and a little over 2 assists a game. I expected him to do better. Fraser like Sumpter had good numbers with 10 points, 7 boards n 2.8 blocks a game which was good for 2nd best at the camp at the time I left. Last year he performed better and wowed everybody with his shot blocking as he averaged nearly twice as many as any other player in the camp. Tim Doyle who was not mentioned in anybody's else's report of the camp played very well at one point he was #2 in the camp in FG% shooting over 84%. He shot a over 73% from the field at my time at the camp, and averaged 10 points 3 boards but un-characteristically he only averaged 1.2 assists a game.
There were 4 people who I didn't really know what to expect from them, Gary Ervin, Jomo Belfor, Brandon Wilson and Quincy Douby. Ervin got off to a slow start and had me questioning whether he belonged at the camp, but over the last 3 days he showed he definitely belonged. Because he began doing what he does best, taking it to the basket strong. Early on he was shooting too many jump shots. He averaged nearly 12 points, 4.5 boards and 2.5 assists a game, but he did record 1 more turnover then assist. Last year Jomo had a terrible camp and definitely did not belong. This year he did belong as he scored 10 points grabbed 3 boards and was tied for first in steals at 2.4 a game when I left. I didn't think Brandon Wilson belonged at camp, but he did. He worked his way into the second unit on his team which is the best player at his position on his team, and play the second and 4th quarters. As for Douby after watching him at camp, he looked like he didn't belong. After the first day he had a negative rating, something I didn't see at all last year. He did have one very good game where he scored 16 points but despite that he was the lowest rated player at camp from the city.
    There were two players at camp who I didn't even know were going to be there, Rashard Turner and Elliah Karron Clark. Turner started off very strong as he was scoring but not too much that he was looking like a 2 guard. He tailed off towards the end but for someone that nobody really knew was going to be there he played very well. Karron started off very good but couldn't keep up that level of play. He averaged 10 points and 4 boards which are good numbers for a rising junior.



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