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A.J. Price 5'10 PG Amittyville

Written By Keith Mason

Prior to his freshman year he was virtually unknown. In that summer he proved he could play with anybody in the class. In the 14u UDC championship his Riverside Team went up against Russell Robinson, Yata Gaines and Ronald Ramon's Gaucho squad. After this game it was tough to tell if anybody on the court was better then him.  This year he burst on to the scene at Amityville, playing his best when the stage was biggest. Dropping in 20 plus points against, St. Ray's at the Dianne Brennan Invitational, Dematha at the MCI Center in DC, LeBron James and his St. Vincent team at a Christmas tourney including the game winning free throws and most recently against Peekskill in the State Public School Championship. AJ is a lights out shooter who doesn't need much room to make you pay. He doesn't force anything and lets the game come to him. Whether it's a half court and fast paced offense AJ is able to thrive. Is only weakness is something he has no control over, his size, at 5'11 he is undersized, but being just 15 years old he still has time to grow. This year he has played second fiddle to New York State's Mr. Basketball Jason Fraser but next year Amityville will be all his and he will get the chance to further prove how good he is. avoid sat 120x60 Stockback Blue Future 120x60  

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