The Apple's Best Ballaz

Allan Ray 6'1 PG/SG St. Raymond

Allan continued his great play at ABCD as he scored 16 a game. He can score in every way. He can hit the 3, the medium range jumper, he can take it to the basket, he can shoot off the dribble, and he is very athletic. Since he is so strong once he gets to the basket he can fend of bigger men and convert the two. He is also a solid defender. His game is very similar to the NBA star with his name backwards, Ray Allen, the only difference is the 5 inches in height. If Allan was 6'6 there would be talk about him going pro. The one weak point in his game is he hasn't learned how to be a point guard yet, but once he learns that he will be ready for the highest level. 
2001-02 Season Outlook
With Chris McRae and Julius Hodge gone he is finally the man of the team. He will likely face the box and 1 treatment but his athleticism, strength and consistent jumpshot will allow him to still get his points, along with some assists. He is one of early favorites for Mr. Basketball, and could be 3rd straight player out of St. Raymond to be named the state's best. St. Raymond will also be trying to 3-peat in the CHSAA and defend their State championship, and the only way they can accomplish those goals is if Allan does what is expected of him.