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Charlie Villanueva 6'11 SF Blair Academy (NJ)

Written By Keith Mason

The rumors are that he won't be attending college after high school, at 6'11 with guard skills you can't really blame him. But he really needs to gain weight for him to go high in the draft. He can handle the rock very well, in fact he sometimes runs the point for the Panthers, which gives him the chance to showoff his playmaking ability. He can shoot the ball from all over the court, and isn't afraid to dunk on somebody. His small frame allows him to be easily moved off the box but his length makes it possible for him to still be a factor on the boards. But his major weakness is his lack of defensive intensity. This has always been his problem and I don't expect it to change before the end of next year. He is gifted enough to become a great defensive player but he has to have the desire to do so. My feeling is if he performs well at ABCD and the Adidas Big Time he will be in next year's draft, I expect nothing less then for him to perform very well at these events.