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Broooklyn Bridge Challenge report
Keydren Clark and Charlie Villanueva profiles updated, and Brian Laing profile added.
Kendell Provet, Russell Robinson, Sebastian Telfair, Jason Fraser and Curtis Sumpter profiles updated, and Saiqoun Stone profile created.
Top 75 has been updated. It breaks down like this 42 seniors to be, 26 juniors to be, 6 sophomores to be and 1 freshman to be, and 9 of the top 11 are going to be seniors next year, which shows how good the class of 2002 is. I will be trying to update every existing profile that I haven't already updated this week, and I will add profiles for the class of 2005.
Shaun Wynn let me know that he will be attending ABCD camp this year, and I also found out that Marcel Alston will be attending Don Bosco Prep in Jersey next year.
Potential Rankings have been updated, and Sebastian Telfair is not number 1.
Class of 2003 and 2005 rankings have been updated. Once again each player has his height, positiong, school, AAU team and either Nike or ABCD next to their name. If you know what school some of the kids in the class of 2005 are attending next year, or if you know what AAU teams any of the players in any class are playing with, in the summer send me an email. I will be updating the top 75 overall and potential rankings shortly. Neither will include the class of 2001.
Class of 2002 and 2004 rankings have been updated. Next to each players name is his height, position, school, AAU team and what camp he is attending, either Nike or ABCD. If you know what AAU team the kids are playing with that I have ranked but don't have the AAU team there please e-mail me. Class of 2003 and 2005 rankings will be updated tomorrow.
Final class of 2001 rankings have been made. The rest of the rankings will be updated this week including the class of 2005 (next year's freshman).
Correction made on the Brooklyn USA vs. Tim Thomas Playaz Challenge. The final score of the 10th grade game was 89-59 not 89-49.
IS8 championship report and Brooklyn USA vs. Tim Thomas Playaz Challenge on the AAU report page.
Tomorrow I will be attending the Brooklyn USA vs. Tim Thomas Playaz Challenge. The event will feature 5 games, 7th-11th grade. The Brooklyn USA 8th grade team is the best in the city, with 6'3 SF Saiqoun Stone, 5'8 PG Eugene Harvey and 6'5 C Antonio Pena. USA's 9th grade team has 6'2 SG Basil Leslie, 6'1 SG James Walker and 6'2 SF Terrance Portis who can jump out the gym, and draws comparisons to Ryan Williams. The 11th grade team is also very talented, with 5'11 PG Sebastian Telfair, 6'4 SG Quincy Douby, 6'3 SF George Jefferson and 6'9 PF Chris Taft. Tim Thomas Playaz 11th grade is one of the best in America, led by 5'11 PG Elijah Ingram who made a name for himself in the City with his performance at IS8. 6'3 SG John Winchester is one of the best athletes in his class, the team also has 6'3 SG Marquise Webb 6'10 C Darry Watkins, and 6'7 SF Lee Melchionni who is headed to Duke in the fall of 2002. The matchups for the 11th grade games are excellent ones with Elijah Ingram matching up with Sebastian Telfair, which will prove wheter Telfair is one of the elite point guards in the nation or not. Quincy Douby and George Jefferson will be on the wing matched up against 2 of the better known Juniors in the nation, Marquise Webb and John Winchester. Possibly the most interesting matchup is the one between two talented sophomores, Chris Taft and Darryl Watkins. This matchup could distinguish the two when it comes to college recruiting.
IS8 report from yesterday's action, unfortunately I could make it out to today's games.
Japhet McNeil, Allan Ray, Chris Taft and Jason Wingate profiles updated
IS8 and Chase the Game reports
I spoke to Jim Hart today and he told me there will be many out of state teams competing in this year's Rumble in the Bronx (June 15th-17th @ Fordham University). Some repeat teams are Bray Center, Shreeveport Boosiers, Howard Pulley and Tim Thomas Playaz. In addition to those teams Team Minnesota will be there, Illinois Warriors along with 2 teams making the 3,000 mile trip from California, Jim is also trying to get Boo Williams to enter the tournament. There will be 20 16u teams and 32 17u divisions. The first place team in each pool of the 17u division will qualify for the Gold Bracket and the second place teams will qualify for the Silver Bracket. This should be a great event and I will definitely be in attendance this year.
IS8 report
There is big news on 3 former city stars. The biggest of which is ex-Rice star Kenny Satterfield is going to the NBA. I think he should've stayed 1 more year but you can say that about just about everyone that left early. He is projected as a late first round early second round pick. Another player is strongly considering going to the league, Omar Cook. Cook is definitely not ready because his jumpshot is just not any where near good enough and he showed this year he is turnover prone. But he is very talented and has the potential to be one of the best pure point guards in NBA history. This year he became the first freshman to ever lead the nation in assists, with 8.5 per game. And thats amazing considering he didn't even have a dominant big man on his team. The last player making news is Peter Mulligan, Mulligan has decided he is better than UMBC and can play else where. Which is true but I hope he doesn't go to a Big East school. I don't think he will be much of a factor in the Big East, I see Pete playing in the A-10. Playing in the A-10 will maximize his potential because he would probably start on any team next year and will be playing against pretty good competition.
I have filled all of my roster spots for UDC so please no more emails about playing.
Shagari Alleyne profile updated
IS8 game reports
Wheel Chair Classic report
I have to comment on the Daily News Bronx/Manhattan CHSAA 1st team. The Daily News brings great coverage of high school hoops around the city but how did they put Marvin McCullough on the 1st team over his teammate Bobby Santiago and Rice standout Keydren Clark. Santiago averaged nearly 15 points a game and was the perfect complement to Ricky Soliver all year long. Clark led Ric in scoring puting up over 13 a game, and shined brightest when he lit up St. Ray's for 25, and scored 27 against St. Francis Prep in a playoff loss. For Clark not to even be honorabe mention is just a bad decision by the Daily News. Clark is just overlooked, I hear he may not go to Nike Camp despite being Rice's best player this year.
Thanks to Doug Preston I have learned where the 4 seniors that started for St. Mary are going. Matt Preston is headed to Columbia, while his twin brother is going to Amherst College. Dwayne Byfield will attend Monmouth University next year and Kenny Grant will be playing at Lafayette College. You can see these 4 at IS8 as they are competing with the Gaels.
Rashad Bell and Darryl "Showtime" Hill profiles added.
Top 75 updated
Senior Rankings updated, Top 75 will re-done tomorrow
Tim Doyle profile added, more profiles will be added tomorrow. I will also start updating profiles this week.
I have finally updated the Top 75, but I will be updating it again very shortly after I update the Senior Rankings.
Tomorrow and Friday I will be at Roberto Clemente to see the Governor's cup. Unfortunately I can not make it to the championship on Saturday because I have prior engagements.
On Monday the Sonny Vacarro Roundball Classic was held on the campus of Northwestern University. In my opinion the game was very boring except for a couple of plays. The reason it was boring was because everyone was just coming down running right through the defense and laying it up or doing a regular 1 handed or 2 handed dunk, or would just pull up for 3's. Nobody was trying to shake the defender except for Julius Hodge, who on consecutive plays wrapped the ball around the head of the West's PG Chris Thomas. The first time he wrapped it around his head he was dribbling the ball and then took it to the basket for 2 of his 16 points. The second time he wasn't dribbling and swung it aroudn his head and then passed. Later on in the 3rd quarter he brought the ball down court and did the Harlem World dance, before driving pass Thomas and passing but the pass was intercepted. Hodge scored 14 of his 16 in the second half, to spark his East team to a 151-148 win.
The Capital Classic was played today, and Ben Gordon was a no show, Gordon didn't play AAU ball and now didn't show up for one of the more prestigous post season all-star game, and he also isn't playing in the Wheel Chair Classic despite playing in the game last year. Either Gordon doesn't want to get hurt before going to UCONN or he just doesn't care about national recognition. Mike Grinnon the other New Yorker in that game did just as much as Gordon as he didn't score, or get any statistic for that matter except for 3 missed shots. For the Wheel Chair Classic, the Bronx team has, Julius Hodge, Chris McRae, Allan Ray, Donnie McGrath, Anwar Lewis, Kenny McMillan, Anthony Lalor, Sean Dantzler and Matt Saunders, there are 3 more players in the game but I'm not sure who they are.
Monday will be the Sonny Vacarro Roundball Classic, and the only New Yorker in that game will be Julius Hodge.
Wendy's Shootout report
2 profiles added: Bobby Santiago and Marvin McCullough
Tomorrow the Capital Classic takes place at 3pm and will be airing on Broad Cast Monsters. Two players from this site's region are in the game; Ben Gordon and Mike Grinnon. Gordon has already established himself as one of the premier players in the nation, and the only reason he is not in either the McDonald's All-American game is because he didn't play AAU ball this summer. Grinnon on the other hand has yet prove himself on the national scene and will need this game to show he belongs at Maryland especially since the game is not too far from College Park.
3 profiles added: Gavin Grant, Gary Ervin and Quincy Douby
On Saturday the Wendy's game will take place at 2pm, the game is between Chicago's stars and New York City stars. Some of the players on the NYC team are Chris McRae, Wendell Gibson, Rashad Bell, who I think is going to open up a lot of peoples eyes and Tyquawn Goode to name a few. A couple of players that were deserving to be on the team and aren't are John Quintana and Woody Souffrant. Both are talented guards who can put the ball in the hole.
On Monday the Governer's Cup will start and it will run through Saturday. It is single elimination and has both boys and girls. Some of the teams competing are the defending champs Abyssinnian, the runner-ups Riverside and Gauchos to name a couple.
Yesterday I saw Mike Franklin and he told me the schools that he is considering going to are Manhattan Center where he said they told him he will start, Rice, Bishop Loughlin but he said he hasn't heard too much from them lately, and now Grady has jumped into the race for the talented Freshman. He is not close to making a decision yet and will not rush his decision as he said "I have all summer to think about it". In other transfer news 6'4 SF Dave Clark has enrolled at St. Raymond. Clark was key player to the All Hallows JV team until he quit the team, because he didn't like the way he was being used.
Junior, Sophomore and Freshmen Rankings all updated. Players that did not play or missed part of this year because of academics or were transfer students are not ranked, since these rankings are based on the high school season. Senior rankings will not be updated until the IS8 Spring League is over. Also at that time I will put up my pre-summer rankings for all the classes which will include the players that did not play this year.
Sleeper Report updated
Tomorrow I will have many new profiles
End of Season Awards
Last night in the McDonald's All-American Game Julius Hodge scored 19 points and grabbed 6 rebounds, but he did not shoot the ball well. Hodge's East team lost 131-125. The West was led by Eddy Curry who scored 28 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and blocked 4 shots. Dajuan Wagner led the East with 25 points. David Lee scored 21 for the West and in my opinion the best player in the nation Kelvin Torbert also scored 21. Tyson Chandler skipped the game because he did not want to hurt his draft status, and Desagana Diop and Ousmanne Cisse didn't play because of injuries.
Bronx 12 is reporting that with the hiring of former Hofstra Coache Jay Wright at Villanova he is hiring St. Raymond head coach Gary Decesare to be an assistant at the school. Who will take over at St. Ray's if this is true, my guess is current Freshman head coach and Varsity assistant Gregory Scott. But another thing is what about the 3 city stars that committed to Hofstra, Chris McRae, Wendell Gibson and Woody Souffrant, will they all stay at Hofstra or will they go else where.
I've finally updated the site, I've been busy with school and other stuff. Tomorrow my All-City and site teams will be up and I will make my early picks for next years champins. I will also begin to make profiles this week and all rankings will be updated as well as the sleepers list.
Final Top 20 teams
Tonight is the McDonald's All-American and St. Raymond star Julius Hodge will be in action. Other players that should impress are; Dajuan Wagner, Eddy Curry, Tyson Chandler, Kelvin Torbert, Ousmanne Cisse, and the best dunker on the planet James White, and yes that includes Vince Carter. If you don't believe watch the dunk contest and don't be surprised if he takes off from a step behind the free throw line.
This weekend at the Glens Falls Civic Center the State Federation Tournament took place. St. Raymond had a surprising challenge from LI Lutheran and actually trailed in this one 20-8 before pulling out a 67-63 win. They would play the winner of the Schenectady and Grady game. Grady held a 3 point lead late in the game before falling 55-52. In the Championship St. Raymond outplayed Schenectady to win 62-49 behind 23 points from Allan Ray. Chris McRae was named the MVP of the tournament. In the Class B tournament Amittyville survived Bishop Timon 80-78 in double overtime. Then they cruised by Banneker in the championship with a 91-73 victory. Jason Fraser earned MVP honors for the B division. I usually don't cover girls basketball but there was maybe the biggest upset ever in the Federation Tournament. Christ the King who had won 11 straight state championships and lost just one game this year and was ranked 5th in the country, lost to Murry Bergtraum 67-59 despite 31 points from Clare Droesch. But the news wasn't all good for Bergtraum as they got hammered in the championship by Colonie.
I will not update the Top 15 teams until after the State Champions have been crowned. At that time I will also predict next years champions in the PSAL and CHSAA A divisions. Sometime next week I will have my Season Report and update all rankings.
I saw both the PSAL and CHSAA championship games on Sunday but because my site has been down the last few days I have not been able to update the site. Unlike most scouts and reporters I do not write notes so I will not be able to write a report on the games becaus it will not be accurate if I write a report on a game that happen 3 days ago based solely on memory. In both games the winning team showed what seperates good teams from championship teams, it's the person that kills you that you don't prepare for, and both Grady and St. Raymond had that on Sunday. The Falcons had Cory Cromer and the Ravens had Daon Merritt.
This was a game that I thought would be very competitive from start to finish with Grady ending up on top. The game was very sluggish in the first quarter with Robeson looking less sluggish taking a 12-8 lead. Grady turned it up in the second quarter building a 7 point lead before having Robeson come back after Ontea Gates hit two 3's. Grady continued to play well in the 3rd quarter behind Tyquawn Goode and Woody Souffrant who each scored 6 in the quarter. Grady led 45-39 after 3. The 4th quarter saw Grady just explode opening a lead as big as 19 before winning 75-60. Goode handled the point excellent for the Falcons finishing with 10 points and 7 assists. Quincy Douby also had an excellent game putiing up 18 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 blocks. Douby scored 9 of his 18 in the final period when Grady blew the game open. Mike Clarke dominated play inside with 18 points and 11 rebounds and completely outplayed Kenny Adeleke who scored just 4 points while grabbing 9 boards. But possibly the biggest difference in the game was the play of Grady reserve Cory Cromer who scored 11 points 7 of which came in the 4th quarter when Grady blew the game open. Gary Ervin played great for the Eagles as he scored 21 points and pulled down 7 rebounds. But his effort was not enough to bring the title to Robeson. Grady now has a date with undefeated Schenectady who had an easy time with Hempstead beating them 69-45.
    The CHSAA game looked as if it was a total mismatch as St. Mary jumped out to a 19-10 lead after the first quarter. They led 30-18 with under a minute left in the second quarter when in a rush for the loose ball Chris McRae pushed Mamadou Diakhate over the scorers table. That play seemingly ignited the Ravens as McRae would score on the next possesion and bring the score to 30-20 at the half and the Ravens would score the first 5 point out of the locker room. Julius Hodge who only scored 5 points in the first half exploded in the 3rd quarter scoring 11 of his game high 22 points including a 4 point play that made the score 33-29 in favor of the Gaels. The final minute of the 4th quarter belonged to Daon Merritt who scored 6 of his 17 points in that time including the basket after 2 missed free throws by Ken Grant which put the Ravens up 3 with 4 seconds left. Down by 3 the Gaels gave the ball to Mamadou Diakhate who was called for traveling with 1 second on the clock. The Ravens advanced to Glens Falls to play the only A league Private School, Long Island Lutheran. I have heard that the Ravens hammered Lutheran by 50 in a scrimmage earlier this year so if a repeat of that happens the Ravens will get an easy game for the first time since they played LaSalle way back on February 13th.
It has been announced that St. Raymond standout Julius Hodge was named Mr. Basketball by the New York State Coaches Association. Hodge averaged 23 points and 9 rebounds during the regular season. Up until the 3rd quarter of St. Ray's game with St. Mary many people could say that he did not deserve the award but in that game he showed what big time players do.
CHSAA championship report
I will not update the Top 15 teams until after Sunday's PSAL Championship between Grady and Robeson and the CHSAA State Championship between St. Ray's and St. Mary. I will also have a preview for both of these games either later on tonight or tomorrow.
Here is my preview of the CHSAA championship tomorrow at Fordham University between St. Raymond and Molloy. Both teams will be very hyped for this game, St. Ray's will be looking to repeat while Molloy is making their first title game appearance in 13 years. The Ravens will jump out to an early 8 point lead at the end of one quarter, but they will not be able to continue their dominance and Molloy will climb within 2 points at the half. Molloy will continue the come back and take a 5 point lead into the 4th quarter which is when Julius Hodge will come alive for the Ravens. I see him scoring 13 points in the final quarter to give the Ravens a 74-67 victory in a very exciting game. Wendell Gibson will get his usual 16 points 13 rebounds but will be offset by Chris McRae who will put up similar numbers. Molloy is hoping John Maser can be a factor as he was against Holy Cross but that will not be the case as he will likely be guarded by Allan Ray who will not let him out of his sight. Of course I will be at the game to see if my prediction holds true.
CHSAA playoff reports
Top 15 teams updated
Game Reports of CHSAA Playoffs
I spoke to Automotive head coach Will Stasiuk and he has informed me of the colleges who are currently looking at 6'3 SF George Jefferson. The schools are Stanford, UCONN, UMASS, Hofstra, Delaware, Seton Hall and Providence. Jefferson had a huge year posting games of 36 points, 23 rebounds and 7 assists against Jane Adams, 19 points 19 rebounds and 14 assists against Leon Goldstein and in his last game of the season he scored 29 points and grabbed 28 rebounds in a double overtime loss to Thurgood Marshall.
Today the CHSAA Freshmen and Junior varsit champs will be decided. The freshmen game will be played at St. Francis College prior to the Xaverian vs. Holy Cross game and it is between St. Raymond and Molloy. Molloy hung the only L on St. Ray's which was later avenged by 4 points at St. Ray's. The JV game is at St. Raymond prior to the Mt. St. Micheal vs. Spellman playoff game. This game is between Once beaten All Hallows and Molloy, and is a rematch of last years championship where Molloy gave the Gaels their only loss.
So far I have correctly predicted the winner of 19 of the 24 PSAL playoff games, with Boys & Girls being my only semifinal team eliminated. To see the whole prediction click here.
Big Games added to Top 15 teams page