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Ronald Ramon and Sundiata Gaines profiles.
I have placed a new poll asking the question, which underclassman will most likely be a Daily News Tri-State selection.  The last poll asked what will be the best backcourt in the city this year, the winner is in a tight race, Daon Merritt and Allan Ray of St. Raymond with 73 votes.  Coming in second was Jason Wingate and Kenny Eusey at Rice with 71 votes, 3rd was Sebastian Telfair and John Quintana of Lincoln with 70 votes, 4th was Marvin McCullough and Ricky Soliver at All Hallows 60 votes, 5th was Marlon Smith and John Sikiric at Molloy with 41 votes and rounding out the voting was Jomo Belfor and Ben Gordon of Mt. Vernon with 35 votes.
I am now hearing that Tommie Eddie and Amadou Fall will not be leaving Boys & Girls, so with that said the Kangaroos still have a good shot at going to Madison Square Garden.
Daon Merritt, Brian Williams and Russell Robinson profiles added.
Sorry for the long delay but the Tripod Server (who hosts this site) has been down for the last few days.
Levi Levine formerlly of Manhattan Center will attend Chesire Academy in Conn., and Tommie Eddie and Amadou Fall both of Boys & Girls are rumored to be going to Salsbury in PA.   With these 3 departures the talent pool in the PSAL has decreased greatly especially with 2 of the top 4 players in the league leving.
Kevin Johnson has returned to St. Raymond.  He was expected to go to Kennedy and in fact he actually spent a couple of days at Kennedy.  In the end I guess the better education at St. Ray's was the final say of where he would attedn school. He would've likely started at Kennedy but at St. Ray's he will likely sit for the next 2 years, and he will still likely get a scholarship to a division 1 school.
Jason Fraser and Ricky Soliver profiles added.
Kenny Adelake, Wendell Gibson, Tyquawn Goode and                   profiles added.
Hudson Valley Top 100 evaluations.
I learned today from Coach Willie Gober of Rice that Abdoulaye Fall was present for the Summer program at Rice but never returned after that.  If anyone knows what school he is attending please let me know.
Chris McRae made his decision for Hofstra a couple of days ago but he actually told the coaching staff a while ago.  I spoke to him on Tuesday and I thought maybe the decision of Juel Wiggan to go to Rutgers may have evened the race between the two schools.  This is a good decision for McRae as he will likely start from day one and if not he will be the 6th man.  Ever since ABCD I felt Chris would end up at Hofstra and in the end he did.
Tomorrow it will be official whether or not Kevin Johnson will attend Kennedy or St. Raymond, because if he does not show up his name will be deleted from St. Ray's.  It has been a roller coaster ride with the school situation with "KJ", he started the year at St. Ray's but than left to Kennedy and then came back to St. Ray's as recently as Tuesday and is now currently at Kennedy, but it will all be over tomorrow.  If he really wants to get significant minutes on varsity he will be at Kennedy tomorrow.
Jim Boeheim the Syracuse head coach paid St. Ray's a visit today, and spoke to coach Decesare.  From day one nobody has recruited Julius Hodge like coach Boeheim has, but coming in a close second is Billy Donovan of Florida and that is where Julius will be this weekend for an official visit.
Sleeper Report updated
Slight alterations made throughout rankings.
Five Star Hoop Classic and Metro Top 100 @ Seton Hall reports on the AAU report page.
Sebastian Telfair and Donnie McGrath profiles
Here is my schedule for this weekend:  On Friday I will be at the Five-Star Hoop Classic, Saturday I will be at the Metro Top 100 at Seton Hall, and on Sunday I will at Roundball for most of the games.
Roundball Report
Allan Ray, Julian Thomas and Shagari Alleyne profiles updated.
I found out today that Emmanuel Estevez formorley of St. Raymond will be going to Clinton, and Domonic Lewis formorley of Rice will be headed to Kennedy.
Roundball Report
Julian Thomas has reported to Rice, and Louis Rodriguez has enrolled at Kennedy.
Curtis Stinson is not at St. Raymond instead I have heard that he is either attending Morris High School or that he will return to Stevenson.  I hope to find out shortly which school it is.  With his departure St. Ray's will have to rely even more heavily on Julius Hodge, Chris McRae, Allan Ray, Daon Merritt and Jay Harper.  But they will also need help from big man Andrew Jarvis.
Roundball Report
Profiles updated- Chris McRae, Lenny Cooke, Jason Wingate and Sean Dantzler
I spoke to Rashawn Vaughn of All Hallows today and he gave me a list of schools he is currently considering.  He says he is considering Central Connecticut, William and Mary, Towson, Coppin State and LIU. He said he earlier considered Iona but since they just got Eddie Starks he has dropped them off of his list.
Roundball Report- September 9th
Kendelle Provet will not be attending Emmanuel Accademy and will remain at Wadleigh.  I will update Sophomore rankings to include him shortly.
Updated profiles- Japhet McNeil, Charlie Villanueva, Chris Taft and Julius Hodge.
This is from Eric Jacklitsch: Any player who plays there high school ball on Long Island is invited to tryout for the 12th annual Long Island Lupus game.  It is a game that is played to raise money to benefit the Long Island/Queens lupus foundation. Every year it is the best from Nassau versus the best from Suffolk and it has had some very notable players who plaed in it; Damion Fray, Eric Ferguson, Joel Suarez, Corey Hinnant, Sean Kennedy, Jason Hernandez, Shawn Kennedy, Wally Szcerbiak, Tavvoris Bell, etc. This years lineup should include Jason Fraser, Timmy Doyle, Mike Grinnon, Tristian Smith, Matt Ross, etc.  Tryouts for the teams will be on the following dates and the following locations. September 13, 18, 19 Suffolk County will have it at 6:30 at Sayville High school and Nassau will ahve it on teh same dates at Sayville High school at 8:30. Many top college coaches and scouts will be in attendance. The most notable every year is Tom Konchalski from HSBI.

Roundball Schedule through Saturday, (rest to be added tomorrow)
I have learned from Nate Blue that Louis Rodriguez went up to Kennedy to day to enroll.  The move to Kennedy instead of Lincoln makes sense because Kennedy is much closer to his Washington Heights home than Lincoln is.  I also found out today from Winston Kelley that Julian Thomas did not report to Rice for the first two days of classes, I hope to find out tomorrow whether or not he attends Rice or another school.
I will replace UDC 2000 report with the 2000 Roundball report.  I will have the schedule up tomorrow.
I will begin to replace and make profiles for many of the players.  
Gaucho Roundball will start on Thursday, September 7th.
All rankings have been updated, if you have any disagreements please email me.  I will put the Freshmen rankings up once I have found out what schools all the players are attending.  
If you missed "The Games'' on Sunday you will have a chance to make up for it in June when Nathan Blue will hold this event again.  This time the game will be NCAA Sanctioned and will likely be played at Lehman College.
(RE-POST) I am currently looking for Long Island correspondents to keep me up with what is going on, on the Island.  I'm looking for a person or people that are un-biased in their opinions about the players and teams in LI.  If you choose to be a correspondent, I hope you will provide with as many game results and statistics as possible.
Along with updating my rankings after Roundball I will post my preseason Top 15 teams, and my predictiong for the city playoffs, All-Site, All-CHSAA, All-PSAL and my Westchester County, Long Island and Private Schools teams.  I want viewers to e-mail me their pre-season team rankings and all-site teams which consists of Westchester County, Long Island and obviously New York City.  I would also appreciate if the viewers of the site would send their CHSAA, PSAL and Westchester, Long Island and Private Schools (all are combined).  Please only send your first teams (not second or third teams).  After I get 75 emails or by October 1st I will post the viewers team rankings and the All-Site, CHSAA etc. teams.  Please send me YOUR SELECTIONS.
I learned today that Tremayne Singletary will be attending Crispus Attuck in York PA., and Cliffone Ault will attend Winchendon in Massachussets.  Also Louis Rodriguez formally of Rice High School will likely attend Lincoln High School.    
    At games like the ones today  at Elmcor it isn't about the actual games but more about the matchups within the game.  Matchups like Shagari Alleyne (Knicks) vs. Peter Ramos (Bucks) or Japhet McNeil (Bucks) vs. Greg "Playstation" Johnson (Knicks) and Tyrell Biggs (Knicks) vs. Julian Thomas (Bucks).  The matchup between Shagari and Peter was the matchup I looked forward to the most.  This matchup lived up to it's potential especially with Peter Ramos playing with more confidence than he ever has before.  Ramos won the matchup on paper with 20 points to Shagari's 12, but everytime Alleyne touched the ball another defender would run at him.  Alleyne had the highlight of the day with his 1 handed dunk on soon to be Rice teammate Julian Thomas.  Alleyne has more skills than Ramos, he can shoot the 10 footer off of a spin move and has a good up and under fake.  Ramos on the other hand has to get the ball in a spot to score in order to be effective.  Japhet McNeil is obviously better than Greg Johnson but thats not what makes that matchup special, what makes it special is to see how "Playstation" can play against one of the top guards in the city.  Although Playstation did not put up great numbers he showed poise and didn't back down from Japhet or anybody else that guarded him.  Tyrell Biggs and Julian Thomas are both big man that are probably more comfortable playing the small forward.  Both can put it on the floor and hit the outside shot.  As of now Thomas is more athletic, but in time when Biggs gets in better shape he be just as athletic.  Biggs ended the game with 10 points.  George Jefferson (Bucks) was the MVP of the game with his 21 points on 3-point shooting and drives to the basket.  Jomo Belfor also played well after he settled down and played under control, he ended with 15 for the Bucks. Kelvin "Petey" Nelson scored 12 for the Knicks.  As for the game the Bucks won 91-81 in overtime.
    The second game of the day had more stars like Jason Fraser (Bulls), Curtis Sumpter (Bulls), Daon Merritt (Bulls), Darryl "Showtime" Hill (T-Wolves) and Charlie Villanueva (T-Wolves).  But the biggest game came from Daniel Artest of the Bulls who ended with 40 points with strong play inside.  On the opposite side Curtis Stinson led the Wolves with 20.  There wasn't too much defense played in this game but as usual Jason Fraser got a few blocks.  Fraser ended the game with 10 points as well as Curtis Sumpter for the Bulls.  Daon Merritt helped out with 13 points for the Bulls.  Showtime scored 13 for the Wolves and at times showed why he is known as Showtime with his quick handle.  Charlie Villanueva scored 13 points and Julian Thomas scored 11 both for the Wolves.  The game was close throughout with neither team opening up a lead bigger than 8.  The Bulls went on a 6-2 run toend the game to win 103-100.
Tomorrow I will be at "The Game" or should I say "The Games".  There will be 2 games played the first at 3pm the second at 4:30.  During halftime of the second game there will be a dunk contest, and the favorite is Ryan Williams, he will definitely put on a show.  Some of the players expected to play are: Shagari Alleyne, Peter Ramos, Daon Merritt, Kendelle Provet, Japhet McNeil, Roscoe Biggers, Allan Ray, Kelvin "Petey" Nelson, Darryl "Showtime" Hill, Kenny Adeleke, Jason Fraser, Julian Thomas, Curtis Sumpter, Charle Villanueva, Greg "Playstation" Johnson, Tyrell Biggs and many more.  The games will be played at Elmcor Gymnasium located on 108th street and Northern Boulevard.  With all the stars in this game why would you miss this game?  
I have placed a new poll which was inspired by a post on the message board.  For now on I will post a new question every 2 weeks.
The Honesdale II session at Five-Star was dominated by New Yorkers, here is a look at the camp awards.  In the awards listing you will notice a few names from New York that are playing outside of the city next year.