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Quincy Douby 6'3 SG Grady

Last year he took a backseat to the 3 All-PSAL players Mike Clakr, Tyquawn Goode and Woody Soufrant, but this year it is his team and he has responded in a big way. Everybody knows about the 3 50+ games where he hit a combined 43 3's in the 3 games. But all 3 of those games were against week teams whats just as impressive to me is the 35 he hung on Robeson, and the 32 he hit Boys & Girls with including the game winning shot. When you talk about the best shooters in NYC he is the name you will hear the most, the reason being is the fact that he has endless range. Although defenses have constantly put box and 1's on him, he has still been able to put 35 points a game in league play. Although he is considered a shooter he has a very underated handle and he is athletic. But his major weakness doens't hurt him too much in high school but at the next level is his lack of strength. Before the season started he wasn't even mentioned for Mr. Basketball but with each 30+ game another person makes the suggestion. If he continues to torch the competition in the playoffs you'll really hear his name mentioned. avoid sat 120x60 Stockback Blue Future 120x60