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Ramel Bradley 6'2 PG Park West

Written By Keith Mason

Ramel finally was able to establish his own reputation at ABCD camp, he was able to show his ability as both a point guard and a scorer. On the AAU scene he is constantly overshawdowed by Sebastian Telfair, and is forced to play the shooting guard spot, which threw many college scouts off. He is a point guard by nature and can be a pure point at times. With his Park West team I saw him look pass first, and make some very nice passes, despite his team not being very talented. Which shows his natural instinct is to get everybody involved. Ramel is also a very good scorer, he can shoot the 3, has a real nice handle that he uses to take his man off the dribble. He also doesn't neglect the mid range jumper which is a problem many high school players have. He uses a nice step back jumper to free up space, which allows him to score when other players can't.
College Level:
High Major