The Apple's Best Ballaz
Sammy Mejia 6'6 SG Storm King

Written By Keith Mason

Buckets!!! That is what he does, he scores. This past Spring 1S8 he averaged 41 points a game while posting a season high 58 points including 29 in the 4th quarter in his team's final game. He can score in a variety of ways, he can take his man to the basket, as well as hit the 3, with or without a man in his face. While he doesn't have the athleticism of somebody like John Winchester he is an athletic player. The underrated part of his game is his ballhandling and passing ability, he does both very well, despite not being flashy with either. He is not known nationally but according to the HoopScoop he is the #1 ranked returning 5th or 6th year player. This summer playing with the Panthers and at the ABCD camp he will be able to make a name for himself and may find himself in the McDonald's game next year.