The Apple's Best Ballaz

Shagari Alleyne 7'3 C Rice

Written By Keith Mason

    His improvement over last season is remarkable. For the most part last year when the ball went into Shagari it wasn't coming back out. He either took a shot or turned the ball over. This year has become a very good passer. Whether it be hitting the cutter or finding the open man behind the 3-point line you can bet the pass will be on point. He has also improved his outlet passes but he does make an errand pass from time to time. He has developed a better post, he now uses his size much more to his advantage by keeping the ball high and putting all of his weight on the smaller defenders. A lot of people say he can not run up and down the floor, but if you watch him carefully he does run the floor well enough to keep up with the flow of the game. While his offensive game is improving he still needs to work on it. There are a couple of things you notice that he has to improve while watching him play. Like many players he often gets disinterested when he is not getting the ball and begins to play lacadasical. Although he stands at 7'3 I have never seen him catch an alley-oop, he always comes back down with the ball. That is probably a coordination problem that will be corrected with experience. avoid sat 120x60 Stockback Blue Future 120x60